Hardwood Timber Conservatories

Why a Wooden Conservatory?

Hardwood Conservatory

With the current concerns regarding global warming hardwood is the favoured choice of material for conservatories and orangery's.It does not require energy intensive processing, nor is it a problem to dispose of unlike Upvc.

The process of felling old trees and replacing with new is favourable to the enviroment as young trees use more carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen.

Practical reasons for choosing hardwood over Upvc for conservatories and orangery's make sense. A typical life expectancy can be 40-50 years with a repaint or staining every 5-10 years all that is needed to restore your room back to its pristine condition. Upvc starts to discolour after 8-10 years, replacement being the only way to restore it to its original condition.

Aluminium external cappings mean no maintenance to the roof of your conservatory or orangery is required. Thermally broken aluminium roof vents are used to increase thermal efficiency and eliminate chances of leaking.

Forests cover one third of the worlds surface and as a renewable and sustainable source of raw matierial wood is the sensible choice for conservatories, orangery's and a large range of other products.

Hardwood timber conservatories and orangeries manufactured from only the best quality timber